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Francisco Duque

Francisco Duque grew up in the city of Santiago, Chile. Boldly decided to move to Amsterdam and make it his home city at twenty-one. 

Currently, he works on his own business in the high-end antique and design sector. 

In addition, He is in his last year of scholarship as a Photographer, working independently as a fashion photographer and exploring the videography field. 

He started exploring photography and videography at seventeen years old and decided to follow his dreams, acknowledging that he would be working in the creative area one day. So, he started a photography career.

Francisco worked on many projects developing his style between art and fashion photography, published by Vogue, and local magazines, including his first exhibition, “FASHION MUSIC” 2018 Amsterdam. 

Because of his firm belief in diversity, inclusion and individuality, he has also planned and created seminars for young models. He worked closely with them to ensure their comfort and self-expression to develop their full potential, where he directed each of his projects personally, as projects in which he may be involved. 

Francisco’s achievement is not only to create awareness in each of his images but also to leave his footprint of positivity in what he most loves. Photography. 

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